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​Jim… any computer repaired?
Yes, if it can be done economically. 

The price of computers has dropped in recent years, isn’t it better to throw my old computer away, and buy new?
A new computer may make sense if your current computer’s problems prevent it from being repaired. Remember the newer computers, despite having larger hard drives and more memory, have fewer precious metals in the circuitry. They are cheap because they are mass produced that way.

I just buy a new computer and that’s it; right?
Not necessarily. The other issues to consider are things like; transferring your data, music and pictures to the new machine. Are the old files infection-free? Are there programs, printers and anti-virus to install? Setting up wireless networks and printers, can get a little complicated too.

Also; what do I do with the old computer? I can help with that as well; I accept donations of old computer equipment; refurbish it and provide a family in need with a usable computer. I recycle the junk components so your old computer doesn’t end up in the land fill. I also guarantee that all data on your hard drive will be disintegrated.

Give me a call or e-mail me; and we can discuss your best options. 

Jim Kogut Computer Service 

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