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Welcome to Jim Kogut Computer Service
Technology is all around us; we can't live without it! How did we ever survive as a species without computers, cell phones or digital TV? We have to admit we need technology for our business and to communicate (remember talking?). We enjoy working at home and staying in-touch with family and friends. Technology is a great thing, makes life easier and offers (for the most part) peace of mind. Anyway; things do go wrong and that’s where I come in.

 Hello, my name is Jim Kogut and I would like to invite you to try my computer repair service. I have been Microsoft Certified since 2000 and keep on top of all emerging technologies. I can repair most desktop and notebook computers; PCs and MACs (ever been on hold for an hour or more with the manufacture’s support). Your concerns won’t be outsourced, and I will personally take responsibility to make things right. I provide quality service at a reasonable price (forget the GEEK$). I install and repair wireless and wired networks, setup e-mail and service most printers at your home or business.

The threat from “Cyber Criminals” is very real and getting worse every day (estimates show they steal billions of dollars every year). I can help improve your online security and secure your data (photos, music, documents etc.) Backup plans and anti-virus software definitely help. I can also provide you with other tools and knowledge to increase your safety.

Thank you for your time.
Sincerely, Jim Kogut
Your Local Computer Repair Specialist!

Jim Kogut Computer Service 
Phone: 610-444-5962; Cell: 484-885-4230
e-mail: compserv4u@hotmail.com

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 I don't have time to take my broken computer in to have it fixed!
 Jim offers free pickup and delivery.
I can't wait a week or more to get my computer back!
 Jim will repair your machine fast. Better than new, 
(or so my customers tell me), usually in a few days.       My computer crashed and it won't boot-up!
 Are my pictures, music and documents lost forever?
Let Jim ease the worry; I will recover your stuff, setup or repair your printer, install that wireless network and
 support your business onsite.
Repairing is Recycling